Caped Crusader Chace Crawford

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  • 28 March 2009
Chace Crawford

Caped Crusader Chace Crawford

'Gossip Girl' actor Chace Crawford says he is desperate to branch into movies and would love to portray comic book superhero Batman

Chace Crawford wants to play Batman.

The 'Gossip Girl' actor would love to follow in the footsteps of Christian Bale, Val Kilmer and George Clooney and star as the comic book superhero.

Chace, 23, said: "I'd absolutely love to go into movies. 'Gossip Girl' is a very good platform for everyone on the show. If I could play anyone it'd probably be Batman."

The handsome star claims the experiences he has had since shooting to fame in hit US TV show 'Gossip Girl' make it easy for him to relate to The Caped Crusader's wealthy playboy alter-ego Bruce Wayne.

Chace said: "I've had the same friends since school and they find it so weird. I went to this amazing party a while ago and asked one of my best friends if he wanted to come along.

"He was totally stoked, but had no way of getting there, so I was like, 'No problem, I'll send my car.' So this amazing car picks him up and takes him to an incredible manor house and that paparazzi are going mad and he gets out of the car.

"He was like 'Dude, what is this?' "

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