5 Reasons To Go See - The Sugarhill Gang

5 Reasons To Go See

The Sugarhill Gang

1 ‘I said a hip hop . . .’ Yep, that’s right. In 1979 the gang recorded ‘Rapper’s Delight’, the first (okay, second; but the first to hit the mainstream charts in America) rap single, and still one of the very best ever.

2 ‘Now what you hear is not a test’ Perceived as a cash-in on the hip hop phenomenon by New Jersey-based producer and label boss Sylvia Robinson, The Sugarhill Gang’s legacy has long outlived the accusations of commercialism. Even if that legacy’s one 15-minute song long.

3 ‘Come on Hank, sing that song’ Will he? The Gang have endured until this day as a regular live concern, but latterly only with founder members Wonder Mike and Master Gee still remaining from the original trio. Is a comeback on the cards for Big Bank Hank? Unconfirmed reports had him working on a garbage truck in 1989, even though he has a degree in oceanography.

4 ‘Woo-hah, got you all in check’ Can you name another Sugarhill song? Neither can The List, but Busta Rhymes got the above sample from 1981’s ‘Eighth Wonder’. Can many more forgotten classics be far behind?

5 ‘You could rock ‘til you’re a hundred and one years old’ They probably will, and who’s going to complain?

Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh, Wed 4 Apr; Sub Club, Glasgow, Thu 5 Apr.

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