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  • 27 March 2007

Also Released

Music Books

Tony Visconti The Autobiography: Bowie, Bolan and the Brooklyn Boy (HarperCollins) Here’s a cat who lived his and a few others’ nine lives, having produced and played on some of the greatest rock’n’roll records in history and lived to tell the tale. Morrissey has written the foreward.

Dick Porter The Cramps: A Short History of Rock’n’Roll Psychosis (Plexus) As bands that were mad as shithouse rats and still truly, truly genius, The Cramps had it all: danger, glamour, riffs, black, black, humour. This is a slight, if enthusiastic, reading of their legend.

Paul Trynka Iggy Pop: Open Up and Bleed (Sphere) The Iggster gets the substantial biog he deserves to fit in all the fun, filth and fecking that make him one of rock music’s true individuals.

Doug Hokestra Bothering The Coffee Drinkers (Canopic Publishing) Okay so it’s not strictly a music book but it is a book by a musician, Nashville resident Hoekestra. This is a collection of fiction and essays from the man often billed Americana’s answer to Oscar Wilde’. Find out more at

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