Metric - Fantasies

Metric - Fantasies

Metric Records

Four albums in and Canadian quartet Metric are finally maturing into the brilliant synth influenced indie they've only hinted at before. Where previous works have been scrappy affairs, lifted by one or two moments of fierce emotion from singer, Emily Haines, Fantasies fulfills the remit of such passion for every member and every moment.

It's a coherent chaos though, with icy keyboards keeping things fluid and smooth, whether on the electro-punk of Sick Muse or the more shoegaze influenced Satellite Mind. And then it's the five minutes that shall last long after the heavy distortion has faded out, and Metric are no more. Collect Call is the pivot this album falls around, lazing in the middle, epic and beautiful, yet relaxing and coy, like the Postal Service decided to just be extra brilliant.

The rest is none too shabby too. Front Row and Help I'm Alive rollick on, bitter and addictive. And Stadium Love becomes a glorious rallying call to close, with a coda built for bursting lungs. They've shown glimpses of greatness before, but this is 20/20.

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