Jade Goody leaves Jack out of will

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  • 25 March 2009
Jade Goody

Jade Goody leaves Jack out of will

Jade Goody has left her entire estate to her mother and sons Bobby and Freddy, with her husband Jack Tweed receiving nothing

Jade Goody did not leave her husband Jack Tweed anything in her will.

The reality TV star - who died of cervical cancer on Sunday (22.03.09), aged 27 - has not left her new husband Jack any money, insisting all her wealth should go to sons Bobby, five and Freddy, four.

A source said: "Jade and Jack talked about what he would get but Jade told him her sons would always come first."

Jade has left each of her sons £2 million and paid all of their school fees. Before she died, she told the boys' father, Jeff Brazier, he would never have to worry about money as long as he gave the children a home.

Jade left her mother Jackiey Budden her £1 million Essex home, and donated £100,000 to charities for children who live in Indian slums.

Children in one Indian village reportedly built a shrine to Jade when they discovered what she had betrothed them.

Before her death, Jade revealed she and Jack - who she wed on February 22, exactly one month before she passed away - had discussed her will.

She said: "Everything I have, my house and my money, is going to my sons. Jack wants this just as much as me. I offered him my Essex house but he refused, saying he couldn't stay there without me.

"I've always wanted my family to have what I never could, no matter what it might cost."

Meanwhile, Jack, 21, has spoken publicly for the first time since the death of his wife.

Explaining he is dedicated to helping raise Freddy and Bobby, Jack - who was recently released from prison and is due in court tomorrow (26.03.09) to be sentenced over his assault on a taxi driver - promised to live his life as Jade would have wanted.

He said: "I will make her proud. I've had to do so much growing up these last few months - Jade and I went through so much together."

He added: "I loved her so much. I can't thank everyone enough for the unbelievable support and goodwill the family has received. The flowers and the kindness shown by ordinary people have moved me beyond words.

Since Jade's death, well-wishers have left hundreds of tributes - including flowers, poems and toys -outside her home.

Jackiey and Jack are currently planning Jade's funeral, to be held on April 4. The star will be buried in her £3,500 wedding dress wearing her wedding ring.

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