Cindy Crawford proud of body

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  • 24 March 2009
Cindy Crawford

Cindy Crawford proud of body

Supermodel Cindy Crawford, 43, has posed naked for US magazine Allure with only shaving cream protecting her modesty

Cindy Crawford thinks she looks "pretty good" naked for a mother-of-two.

The 43-year-old supermodel - who has posed nude and covered in shaving cream for an Allure magazine photo shoot - thinks her body has aged well.

She said: "I think I look pretty good for 43, but I don't look the way I did when I was 23."

Cindy - who appears in the April issue of the US publication, focusing on anti-ageing - also admitted she suffers from cellulite.

She explained: "I do, and I never said I didn't. I've had two kids and I'm 43, so leave me alone!"

Cindy - who raises nine-year-old son Presley Walker and daughter Kaia Jordan, seven, with her husband of 10 years Rande Gerber - pays most attention to her hands and chest because they are the areas most affected by ageing.

She explained: "In Los Angeles, there are 65-year-old women walking around in Juicy sweatpants, and from the back you'd think they were 20. But when you see their hands or their neck, you know."

The April issue of Allure magazine is headlined with the caption: "This is what 43 looks like. Crawford's skin-care regime includes a day cream with antioxidants, a sunscreen, a night cream, and an eye cream. She also swears by microdermabrasion - and protecting the skin on her hands, neck, and chest."

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