Proud Julia Roberts

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  • 23 March 2009
Julia Roberts

Proud Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts, 41, says she loves the way she looks and insists her age isn't affecting her career

Julia Roberts is proud of her appearance.

The 41-year-old actress pays no attention to people who suggest her career will soon start to slow because of her age, insisting she loves the way she looks.

She said: "I'm 41, and I look good!"

Julia can currently be seen in new spy thriller 'Duplicity' - about two spies who are lovers - alongside Clive Owen, and has revealed it was the film's witty dialogue which made her want to star in it.

She said: "This is also a really great character to play with Clive. I knew we would be able to just cook it. The dialogue is just so great. It's so up my alley. To talk endlessly is my dream!"

Julia was attracted to the role of Claire because of her sharp retorts and the "original" script.

Referring to the film's writer and director Tony Gilroy, she told Britain's Culture magazine: "Tony writes the best stuff. All the things you wished you'd thought to say before that person walked out the door, he supplies it. So it really was a good combination of factors.

"I thought the most original and fascinating element of the script was the idea of the same conversation over and over again, a conversation that means something different each time."

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