Records - The Black Dog (5 stars)

The Black Dog

Book Of Dogma (Soma)


This double-pack of some of The Black Dog’s most seminal work will have veteran techno-heads the world over salivating with anticipation, or in some cases, cursing. Vinyl pressings of most of these recordings have been changing hands for insane sums of money more or less since they first emerged in their absurdly scant quantities over 15 years ago. Much like Kraftwerk before them, The Black Dog will continue to be referenced by music scholars and music makers alike for years to come. A combination of rawness, simplicity and a child-like enthusiasm for experimentation sets The Black Dog apart from so much electronic music that has emerged since, whether ingeniously fusing James Brown breaks, Stevie Wonder keys and Mantronix lyrical licks, manufacturing their own alien sounds or just exploring the ambient ether. But, while the ‘new rave’ misnomer continues to be applied, abused and misunderstood, it’s heartening to know that esoteric classics such as these will re-emerge to set the, ahem, record straight.

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