Emily Blunt wowed by Depp

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 21 March 2009
Emily Blunt

Emily Blunt wowed by Depp

Emily Blunt was so overcome when she saw Johnny Depp on a film set recently she couldn't bring herself to look at him

Emily Blunt couldn't look at Johnny Depp because she was so star-struck.

The 'Young Victoria' saw Johnny on the set of 'Alice In Wonderland' - in which he plays the Mad Hatter - and was so overwhelmed by him she had to pretend he wasn't there.

She said: "I got star struck with Johnny Depp. I went to visit Anne on the set of 'Alice in Wonderland' and I walked past him. I couldn't even look at him. He was tight there!

"What is it about him? Everything I guess."

One person who Emily didn't get over-awed by was Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, who was executive producer on 'The Young Victoria'.

Emily added: "Sarah was making us all cups of tea. She was great - very friendly."

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