Company Chordelia: Les Amoureux

Company Chordelia: Les Amoureux


The late novelist Angela Carter’s 1979 book of fairytale-derived short stories The Bloody Chamber has led to a number of adaptations, the latest of which is a rich blend of dance, physical theatre and opera. Choreographed by Kally Lloyd-Jones of Company Chordelia, Les Amoureux (The Lovers) is a creepy vampire tale based on Carter’s The Lady of the House of Love – which in turn was inspired by Sleeping Beauty. What attracted Lloyd-Jones to the magical realist’s work?

‘The descriptive way Angela Carter writes resonated very strongly with me,’ she says. ‘And the fact that it’s a twisted Sleeping Beauty and I seem to be eternally drawn to fairytales.’ The tale centres on a vampiric Countess (Lloyd-Jones) destined to spend her days in a tattered wedding dress seeking blood, until a virgin soldier inspires her to want more.

Having worked as a movement director with Scottish Opera, Lloyd-Jones knows the power of a libretto – and has cast opera singer, Damian Thantrey in the role of the soldier. With two dancers and an actress completing the cast, and music by Chopin, Bartok, Fauré and Philip Glass driving the show along, Les Amoureux is a truly cross-artform affair.

‘I don’t want to be constrained by labels or genres,’ says Lloyd-Jones. ‘If I feel a show demands something, then that’s what it needs. I love singing and music and I think they go so well with dance – so why not put them together?’

Paisley Arts Centre, Fri 20 Mar, then touring

Les Amoureux

Company Chordelia presents this gothic love story based on Angela Carter's short story 'The Lady of the House of Love', featuring three dancers, an actress and an opera singer.


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