Records - Shitdisco (2 stars)


Kingdom Of Fear (Fierce Panda)


Art School inebriates Shitdisco have been the life, soul and soundtrack of parties everywhere from Glasgow to Bangok in the last year. How well their turbo-charged disco punk would transfer to record was always in question, though, and their debut album (named after a Hunter S Thompson novel) does suggest the negative.

‘I Know Kung Fu’, ‘Reactor Party’ and ‘Disco Blood’ make for a feet blistering opening salvo of daft, near-rave euphoria. Thereafter, though, there’s a patent lack of new ideas, as the sense that these tunes only take off live, and sound uncannily like a speeded up Franz Ferdinand, is repetitively thumped into your brain. Best enjoyed on a head full of uppers, as the good doctor himself might have said.

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