Smoove and Turrell - Antique Soul (4 stars)

Smoove and Turrell - Antique Soul


Soul is one musical genre constant judged less by its actual quality and more by its supposed authenticity, which, as anyone with ears knows, is the surest way to find yourself down a musical blind alley. So when someone like this pair of Geordie scamps show up, unafraid to mix contemporary electronic grind with old school bump to gleeful effect, it upsets the apple cart. Unpretentious and joyful, the duo’s love of northern soul and deep, itchy funk shine through and Turrell’s thick Paul Weller-esque vocal lines are the perfect compliment: measured, deep and bewitching. It may say ‘antique’ on in the cover but this is far from a relic, it’s a retro-future party music of the highest order.

(Jalapeno Records)

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