The Martin Green Machine - First Sighting (3 stars)

The Martin Green Machine - First Sighting


Accordionist Martin Green unleashed the Green Machine as a New Voices commission at Celtic Connections in 2006, with guitarist Tom Cook as his principal co-collaborator, and a powerful band willing and able to take on his iconoclastic vision. I remember being very enthusiastic about the live premiere on that occasion, but have to record a slight sense of disappointment at this subsequent studio recording.

Perhaps it’s the loss of the immediacy and adventure that went with the live situation, or it may be that the vocals (Inge Thomson and Sophie Bancroft share the singing) and spoken elements seem rather more prominent than in my memory of the original show, but less interesting – to these ears at least – than the instrumental music. Even so, there are plenty of positives in their irreverent mashing up of genres, fueled by key co-conspirators like guitarist trombonist Rick Taylor and drummer Alyn Cosker.


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