Frightened Rabbit - Quietly Now! (4 stars)

Frightened Rabbit - Quietly Now!


Don’t be misled by their cuddlesome designate, nor indeed their cutesy demeanour: Frightened Rabbit are a savage pop mob, whose colossal debut proper, The Midnight Organ Fight, was a fierce contender for the album of 2008.

Said melodic alt.rock epistle is herewith re-visited, but this time it’s live and unrefined. Although largely allegiant to the bracing arrangements and heart-stopping chorales that galvanised The Midnight Organ Fight, (not least the hair-raising trinity of ‘Head Rolls Off’, ‘The Modern Leper’ and ‘Keep Yourself Warm’), these predominantly acoustic renditions – which were all recorded at Glasgow’s Captain’s Rest – serve to further asservate the dulcit aggressors’ rampant charms.

(Fat Cat)

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