Dan Deacon - Bromst (4 stars)

Dan Deacon - Bromst


More complex, euphoric and chaotic than ever, Dan Deacon’s follow-up to Spiderman of the Rings is his showpony. From the home of weirdo electro-noise, Baltimore, the oversized specs wearer is worshipped like a demi-god at live performances where he plays in the crowd, whipping fans into a dribbling, swaying mash. In Bromst he’s let his technical geekery off the leash to run around, layering crisp glockenspiels over Pinky and Perky vocoder samples, frenzied xylophones and dirty big, bleepy beats, like Battles in a sound-off with Animal Collective.

Demented and endlessly inventive, it’s a fantastic sugar rush of man meets machine. All hail the nutjob.


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