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It’s a mad, mad, mad, mad, mad, mad month and first up is a bonkers, skiffle-surf cheese dream offering from Thomas Truax called ‘Have We Been Left Behind?’ (Anarkhy, 4 Stars). I’m not sure exactly what’s happening on the cover of ex-Sugababe Siobhan Donaghy’s ‘Don’t Give It Up’ (Parlophone, 2 Stars), or in the song for that matter, but the CD is very pretty and the contents are commendably out there for a pop songstress. I don’t know why Erasure are releasing music but the case for ‘I Could Fall In Love With You’ (Mute, 1 Star) was something of a trial to get into and proved unworthy of the effort. The Fall are back too, love them or hate them, with ‘Reformation’ (Sanctuary, 1 Star). I don’t see it personally. Back on the right side of the border the barmy Captain Face step forward with three disparate and utterly nutty numbers on ‘Awesome! No Way!’ (Fat Hippy, 3 Stars) only to be out-looned by Lords Of Bastard and the dark, shouty thrash of ‘Off With Their Heads/Kingsized Karma’ (SL, 3 Stars). Chocyamo have their moments on the soft-centred clattering rock of ‘Our Thoughts On The People You Love’ (demo, 2 Stars) while ‘New Ideas’ (Lavolta, 3 Stars) is a most worthy guitar pop first for The Dykeenies. Malcolm Middleton texts in with that thick accent leading the honest ditty ‘Beep Beep, I Love You’ (Domino, 3 Stars). Slam also return with their ever-dependable brooding electronica on the lush ‘Azure’ (Soma, 4 Stars). They have a way of tapping some vague emotion but I can’t be sure they’re not just reminding me of quiet moments with their previous releases. The real meat this fortnight comes in the form of a post-Sao Paolo 1990s (pictured). I wasn’t aware that I liked them and now have a sinking feeling I’m being awfy unhip (especially after dismissing The Fall) by championing the power pop of ‘See You At The Lights’ (Rough Trade, 5 Stars) as single of the fortnight. A perfect companion piece comes in the shape of ‘Backfire At The Disco’ (KIDS, 4 Stars) by The Wombats comes a close second. After that there’s all the usual dross. Worse than usual actually, best steer clear.

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