1990s - Kicks (3 stars)

1990s - Kicks


Unfairly under-rated for their sleazy glam riot of a debut album Cookies in 2007, Glasgow’s 1990s have returned to finish the job. With Bernard Butler producing. So most of the sleaze, the glam and the rioting has been kicked out.

Okay, so there’s a little bit of it left during the Kate Jackson co-starring ‘Kickstrasse’ (you’d hardly know she’s there, but at least the boys did extra well on the day she was in with a bit of ‘Iggy in Berlin’ action). Otherwise, those old Scots-influencing staples The Beach Boys and Big Star have been tapped up, with ‘I Don’t Even Know What That Is’ and ‘Sparks’ the pick of a bunch. A future awaits as The Fratellis it’s okay to like without festival lager and sunstroke.

(Rough Trade)

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