The ID Parade

The ID Parade


Whether anyone should ever trust a man wearing tassles is a matter for each individual’s conscience to decide. However, even the most hardline fashion police officer would surely turn a blind eye to the flamboyant shirts modelled by at least one member of The ID Parade due to there being enough belligerent charisma on stage – and off it too for that matter – to keep all entertained.

Billing themselves as a ‘sweaty, sexy and ever so slightly surreal’ live act, the reality is a loud, brash and proper Alabama 3 spit’n’sawdust kinda band, who get off the starting blocks by asking the heaving crowd ‘are you all drunk and disorderly?’

Everything from early number ‘Against the Law’ to ‘Back of My Mind’ ticked all the boxes for a singalong anthem for walking home after the pub shuts – or the saloon doors have stopped swinging. In addition, some gravelly and menacing Tom Waits-type vocal interludes managed to make ‘you’re a big crowd, but perfectly formed’ sound less like a compliment and more like a serial killer mission statement. In a good way, mind.

King Tut’s, Glasgow, Fri 6 Mar

Pearl & the Puppets

Acoustic show from this young Kirkintilloch singer/songwriter with a light, pop style, accompanied by Cara Mitchell.

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