Sorren Maclean (3 stars)

Sorren Maclean


19-year-old Isle of Mull singer songwriter Sorren Maclean is a well-connected young chap who has worked with or supported such respected names as Michael Marra, James Yorkston and the late Martyn Bennett. It helps that his father Gordon is a well thought of folkie himself, and director of An Tobar arts centre in Tobermory. It might not be especially cool having your old man in your band, but if he plays a mean upright bass, well, concessions can always be made.

Maclean’s tunes are contemporary acoustic pop. This was best exemplified during this set amid the foliage of the Brel conservatory – with his two-piece band, which also includes drummer and childhood pal John Barlow – by his debut single ‘Bus Tax and Bars’. Released through An Tobar’s label Tob records, it’s a glossy, keenly melodic thing – think a slicker King Creosote. ‘These Golden Years’ stood out for much the same reasons, while ‘One Last Dance’ – a high-tempo rockabilly number with a fierce jazzy guitar solo – proved that the lad has plenty more tricks up his sleeve besides.

Concrete Campfire @ Brel, Glasgow, Thu 27 Feb

Sorren Maclean

  • 3 stars

Acoustic indie from rising local star.

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