The Abdominal Showmen (4 stars)

The Abdominal Showmen

Octopus Diamond, Edinburgh, Fri 16 Mar


Run by two-time travelling futuristic Japanese robot space blokes, it’ll come as little surprise to hear that Club Crazi Afro Sushi Fry Up is a very silly place. Patrons are greeted with free Space Raiders. A man plays sitar in the corner.

The bands too are unorthodox. Edinburgh’s Abdominal Showmen resemble a white boy Parliament, fresh off the Lothian Mothership, buzzing on soap bar and fronted by a gangly Snoop Dogg alike, albeit a Scottish one who wears spectacles. They’re terribly good fun, sending the room into a contorted ball of p-funk for a half hour.

Unlike Tiny Little Hearts, who are just plain terrible. Taking that frantic, screeching disco punk template as pioneered by fellow Glaswegians Shitdisco, they beat it into unrecognisable - sometimes unbearable - shapes, swigging Buckfast and serving only to frighten people throughout. They may regard that as a compliment - as I said, this was a very silly place.

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