Amy Macdonald (2 stars)

King Tut’s, Glasgow, Tue 13 Mar


This article is from 2007.


I thought that if you had an acoustic guitar, a wise man once said, then it meant that you were a protest singer. Quite what he’d make of 19-year-old Amy Macdonald is difficult to predict; her lyrical targets include reality TV, ‘the trouble and strife of the footballer’s wife’ and a song about the youth of today, inspired, she explains, by a conversation she had aged 15 with a man in B&Q. Lordy!

To be fair it’s all delivered in a commanding vocal, a kind of turbo charged Dolores O’Riordan meets Sandi Thom, neither of whom coincidentally are strangers to either the clunky lyric or sound of the cash register. But her musical reference points - a cover of the Killers’ ‘Mr Brightside’ and a nod to Pete Doherty in ‘Poison Prince’ - only confirm suspicions that there’s more to life than records released in the last five years. Much, much more.

This article is from 2007.

Amy MacDonald

Down-to-earth young singer-songwriter from Glasgow performs MOR material from her third album Life in a Beautiful Light.

Islington Assembly Hall, London N1

Mon 21 Nov

£27.50 / 020 7527 8900

The Old Fruitmarket, Glasgow

Tue 22 Nov

£25 / 0141 353 8000


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