Little Doses (4 stars)

Little Doses

Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh, Thu 6 Mar


Cabaret Voltaire sees a good turnout for tonight’s New Found Sound showcase of local talent. Though third down on the bill, Vitamin Flintheart’s swirling atmospheric set sets a solid standard. Switching between flickering melodies to layered riffage they are taut and occasionally haunting, though some of the songs would presumably fare better with a mixing desk that emphasised their grander moments. Sauntering on next are Kiddo who sound slightly more polished but suffer as a result of some dire lyrical clangers. Their set is delivered with admirable enthusiasm but the frenetic ‘Elegy’ - a vengeance rite directed against some former band mates - can’t help but appear a wee bit petty. Then the headliners, featuring Mark McClelland once of Snow Patrol and recently recruited new guitarist, ex-Fuck Off Machete axeman Paul Mellon, Little Doses sound fresh, muscular and, thankfully, not much like Snow Patrol. While the songs are decent, personnel is their strong point. The drummer provides some refreshing on stage banter and front lady Kirsten Ross possesses enough charm to entrap the audience. With some luck they could emerge from under the shadow of their former bands.

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