Jay Lafferty

Jay Lafferty

Buff Club, Glasgow, Fri 20 Mar


A competition where the participants are at the mercy of a set of judges is by its very nature a contentious entity. In local stand-up circles, the Scottish Comedian of the Year tournament of 2007 left many people aghast at how the top three placings could have been arrived at without certain names being included. However, there was a consensus that the comic in the number two spot had thoroughly merited that position, as Greenock girl Jay Lafferty walked away with pride intact and a stand-up future getting ever rosier.

Eighteen months on and 27-year-old Lafferty is now performing her second solo show at the Glasgow Comedy Festival, following up last year’s Offside Rules with Jayded. ‘It will be much different from the show I did last year which I felt I had to do as it was part of the prize, but I’m much more ready for a solo show this year. It’s not just a link of stand-up material shoved together to make up an hour, there’s some linkage to it.’ And the glue which sticks it all together is that peril of contemporary relations. ‘The show is about the lies people tell you and getting to that point in your life where you just don’t really believe much of anything and how the likes of reality TV has eschewed people’s views on things.’

Despite the show title and her mention of reality TV, don’t expect much material on the celebrity currently dying before our very eyes. ‘I don’t do Jade Goody jokes and I never have, though it’s not been a conscious thing. I did take the piss out of Britney Spears’ breakdown. But especially in a solo show I wouldn’t want to upset the audience and have them walk out when I’ve still got 55 minutes to go.’

Jay Lafferty

The 'Scottish Comedian of the Year' runner-up returns after last year's sell-out show with 'Jayded'. 'Part of Magners Glasgow International Comedy Festival'

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