Riddim Tuffa

Riddim Tuffa

The GRV, Edinburgh, Fri 20 Mar


Riddim Tuffa has been steadily gathering momentum since moving to the GRV in 2008. Their music policy has its roots in reggae but happily embraces all the myriad forms it has inspired, with ragga, jungle and dubstep permeating the soundtrack as the night progresses. ‘It all starts with reggae, roots and dub then comes to dubstep,’ explains promoter/DJ Adham. ‘We don’t play the same music every month we bring different guests and change the night around them.’

Previous guests have included YT, Radikal Guru, Mungo’s Hi-Fi and Jahtari proving their love of digital dub and its multitude mutations. This is further complimented by March’s guest DJ Aries, a drum & bass DJ/producer with a deep love of heavy dub and weighty basslines. Roots vocals and samples pepper his frenetic productions on Co-Lab, Pure Vibez and Lion Dubs. ‘He’ll be playing a lot of drum & bass and dubstep,’ adds Adham, ‘it’s all got a reggae vibe so it works perfectly for us.’

With the potential to open up more rooms and stages across the GRV as the night grows, the future is looking bright for the Riddim Tuffa crew (which also includes Eminence, Jammin’ J and Mania). Already cutting exclusive dubplates with guests, core members Jammin’ J and Eminence are currently producing jungle tracks with plans to release them on their own label. With hopes to snag even bigger guests as the club forges ahead though 2009 and beyond, Adham’s maxim of ‘quality music and a pure reggae vibe’ is hard to resist.

Riddim Tuffa Sound

Reggae, dubstep, jungle and dub night joining forces with Mungo's Hi-Fi and their shack shaking soundsystem.

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