Leander Kahney - Inside Steve's Brain (3 stars)

Leander Kahney - Inside Steve's Brain



Bill Gates may be king of the computer geeks, but Steve Jobs shall ever remain the electronic consumer’s guru. Jobs started Apple in the 80s from a garage full of spare parts and a desire to do something different. This book concentrates less on Jobs the man directly – though his terrorising ways and visionary business techniques are explored – but how he built Apple up, lost it, and built it up again to make it the most ingenious electronics firm ever. We learn lessons from Steve’s actions, decisions, arguments and dogged commitment.

Leander Kahney knows his subject well and is suitably impressed. While his book could have done with some more conscious editing to make it seem less like a collation of his work as news editor for wired.com, it does provide as much insight into contemporary consumer culture as it does Job’s desire to sell us a ‘lifestyle’ instead of just a box of circuits and chips.

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