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  • 15 March 2009
Madonna and Jesus Luz

Madonna's Jesus diet

Madonna has ordered her 22-year-old boyfriend Jesus Luz - who she is trying to convert to her Kaballah religion - to adopt a strict macrobiotic diet, banning all sugar, dairy and processed foods

Madonna has put her boyfriend on a diet.

The '4 Minutes' singer is insisting 22-year-old Brazilian model Jesus Luz - who she has been trying to persuade to renounce his Catholic faith to follow her Kabbalah religion - adopts her strict macrobiotic approach to eating, which means all dairy, sugary treats and processed foods are banned.

A source said: "It's very important to Madonna that anyone close to her does two things - follow her religion and her diet.

"Jesus is now having to eat organic salads, brown rice and fish. Occasionally she indulges with a slice of wheat-free wholegrain toast with sugar-free strawberry jam."

Madonna, 50, began encouraging Jesus to join Kabbalah, the mystical offshoot of Judaism she follows, soon after they started dating last December,

A source said "Jesus has taken a real interest in Kabbalah and has started making a few online enquiries into the faith. He joined an online Kabbalah group and is keen to become and active member. Madonna has also offered to take him to the Kabbalah centre in New York and he is exceedingly keen to take her up on that."

Earlier this week, it was reported that Madonna - who announced she was divorcing British director Guy Ritchie last October - has asked her young lover to move into the New York apartment she shares with her children, 12-year-old Lourdes, Rocco, eight and David, three.

A source said: "Jesus has left his old life and his old friends behind. His whole world has turned on its head since he met Madonna.

"A few months ago he was living at his mom's place in one of the poorest cities in the world. Now he's got his feet under the table in a massive mansion block overlooking Central Park. "Madonna has changed too. She's mellowed into a completely different person from the one who was married to Guy Ritchie. She never used to like cooking but now she has really got into it. They laugh a lot and enjoy staying in."


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