Exposure: Hockey

Exposure: Hockey

When the British think hockey, they picture muddied knees, waterlogged pictures and lethal sticks. When the Americans think hockey, they picture the scrape of the ice, missing teeth, and lethal sticks. Now, when the music lover thinks Hockey, they should now picture sharp guitars, feisty bass and the most explicit yelp in dance-rock since James Murphy. There's probably lethal sticks in there somewhere too. Hockey are from Portland, Oregon, and embody the carefree, creative nature of their home city, intent on making their own unique brand of dance-rock as interesting and fun as possible. Singer and guitarist, Ben Grubin explains all after a bully-off.

1.What's the story behind the band's formation?
Started as a two piece. Played at a lot of parties. Needed a full band so move to Spokane Washington where we met the other half. Moved from there to Portland Oregon where there is a cool music scene and here we are.

2. Portland, Oregon is renowned as a hotbed of creativity. How has living in such a city inspired your work?
Hasn't really inspired our music more than just allowed us to do what we do. As in there is no one type of music that people like around here so you are free to sound how you want and people will respond without preconceived notions. Spokane WA was really the place that had a lot of influence on some of the lyrics from the album.

3. You've had comparisons from LCD Soundsystem to The Killers. How would you describe Hockey in your own words?
Whenever someone asks I usually say 'like dance rock music'. I mean we don't have any better words or comparisons for it than anyone else. A lot of those comparisons that are being made between us and other bands seem pretty reasonable to us.

4. What feeling would you like people to get when they hear Hockey?
Like they are asleep and dreaming in the middle of a huge dance party.

5. What can we expect from Hockey in 2009?
An album and lot's of shows.

6. What's the nicest thing anyone's ever said about you?
A kid in Glasgow said we were 'the future' to us as we got into the van after our show there. That was pretty cool.

7. In five words, why should people listen to Hockey?
Because that completes the experiment.


Hockey play QMU, Glasgow on Thu 7 May.

Hockey and Chiddy Bang

Hockey are an Oregon quartet touting Talking Heads, Strokes and LCD Soundsystem influences.

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