Empty shop fronts - woeful signs of the sorry economic times or glass-fronted oases awaiting artistic appropriation? For young creatives, who generally tend to be slip streaming the crunch in a blissful state of poverty-stricken ignorance anyway, vacant street-level spaces can be uniquely characterised as the latter. Cheap short-term leases, minimal furnishings and maximised aspects make for DIY exhibiting at its best.

Bringing together the work of five young emerging artists, group show Re-make occupies a vacant shop in Bruntsfield. Intelligently towing a clear curatorial line, each artist is exhibiting work previously produced within an institutional environment. A crisp reconsideration of the space is thus cleanly paired with the opportunity for the reconsideration of the works. Drawings by Glasgow-based artist Thom War will be exhibited alongside work by Edinburgh College of Art offsprings Tessa Lynch and Rosalind Thomson, London-schooled Damian Taylor and Parisian sculptor Benjamin Hochart. Proffering a rich snapshot of young artists at a rarely documented stage in their careers, this exhibition provides a unique platform for emerging art. By filling in the currently visible commercial rips and tears with short, sharp bursts of artistic activity, initiatives such as Re-make could truly unearth something spectacular.

7 Barclay Terrace, Bruntsfield, Edinburgh, EH10 4HP
Sat 7 Mar- Sun 15 Mar, Mon-Fri 7pm-9pm, Sat & Sun 1pm-5pm


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