Marcia Cross bans junk food

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  • 11 March 2009
Marcia Cross

Marcia Cross bans junk food

Marcia Cross won't let her two-year-old daughters Savannah and Eden eat any unhealthy foods

Marcia Cross has banned her children from eating junk food.

The 'Desperate Housewives' actress - who has two-year-old twin daughters Savannah and Eden - won't let them snack on fatty or sugary treats because she doesn't want them to get into bad eating habits.

She said: "I keep them away from junk food. They don't know about cookies yet so everything they eat is healthy. They've had a bite of an organic cupcake for their birthday but it's always healthy foods - especially now before they find out about junk food."

Marcia - whose husband Tom Mahoney is battling cancer - also revealed her girls are very talkative and speak to her about almost anything.

She added to People magazine: "Recently both my daughters were sitting on the steps in our home, and one of them said, 'Let's talk about it mamma.' I thought, 'Where did they learn that?' Then I realised it was from me. I thought, 'Oh my God, what have I done to them at two years old?'

"They are big talkers. They happen to be very verbal girls and I think that comes from me. It's wonderful that they can tell me what's going on with them and have conversations. I just love it. When we go to the park one of my daughters will say, 'The dog scares me mamma.' It's great, I know exactly how they are feeling."

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