Leonardo DiCaprio's 'love scrub'

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  • 11 March 2009
Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio's 'love scrub'

Leonardo DiCaprio likes to demonstrate his love for Bar Refaeli by pampering her with a homemade beauty treatment when they have been apart

Leonardo DiCaprio and his girlfriend Bar Refaeli give each other "love scrubs".

The 'Revolutionary Road' actor and his Israeli supermodel girlfriend - who have been dating since 2005 - ritually douse each other in the homemade beauty product whenever they are reunited after a long period apart.

According to National Enquirer magazine, Leonardo discovered the recipe for the scrub - which is said to have aphrodisiac powers - while he was on a trip to the Far East.

Leonardo makes the cleansing lotion using a series of organic herbal infusions.

Once it is ready, the pair climb into the bath together and Leonardo applies the mixture to Bar.

Once her skin is refreshed, she returns the favour.

Leonardo is not the only celebrity to shun the beauty salon in favour of home therapies.

Victoria Beckham has admitted wearing socks and gloves in bed in an effort to halt the ageing process.

She said: "I put really thick foot lotion on with socks before I go to sleep. I also use thick hand cream with gloves at the same time."

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