Jade Goody losing her sight

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  • 10 March 2009
Jade Goody

Jade Goody going blind

Jade Goody is losing her sight to cancer and is terrified she has seen her young sons, Bobby, five, and Freddie, four, for the last time

Jade Goody is losing her sight to cancer and fears she will never see her sons again.

The former 'Big Brother' star is reportedly relying on one eye and has trouble distinguishing between certain things, and it is feared she won't be able to look at sons, Bobby, five, and Freddie, four, properly the next time they are with her.

A source told The Sun newspaper: "Every day Jade's away from the children she knows it's one less day she'll get to spend with them before she dies.

"She's desperate to be close to her sons in her final hours and hates them seeing her in hospital. She wants to go home and be surrounded by family and friends — not in a hospital bed.

"Everyone's concentrating on getting the nurses prepared so that she can face the pain at home."

Staff at the Royal Marsden Hospital, where Jade is being treated, are now battling round the clock to relieve her pain from the cancer - which has spread from her cervix to her bowel, liver, groin and brain - enough so she can return home and die alongside her family.

Jade was baptised alongside Bobby and Freddie on Saturday (07.03.09) in an emotional ceremony, which may have been one of her last opportunities to spend time with family and friends.

She said of her sons: "I'm so sad it was one of our last moments. I'm so proud of my little men — I love them more than anything."

As her condition worsens, Jade has taken solace in her faith in God and was buoyed at the weekend by a phone message wishing her well from Michael Jackson, who invited her and her family to see him on his 'This Is It' shows in July.

Michael's message to the reality TV star – who appeared alongside his brother Jermaine in 'Celebrity Big Brother' in 2007 – said: "Hi Jade, it's Michael. I'm thinking of you and I hope everything goes as well as it can. I want you to come and see me when I'm over. My brother keeps asking me about you."

Jade's mother Jackiey Budden, 50, has been keeping a bedside vigil for her and she has been visited every day by husband Jack Tweed.

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