Matthew Fox's wife war

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  • 10 March 2009
Matthew Fox

Matthew Fox speaks to Men's Health

'Lost' actor Matthew Fox insists he and his wife Margherita Ronchi are just like any normal couple and argue regularly

Matthew Fox has "intense" fights with his wife.

The 'Lost' star doesn't clash often with spouse Margherita Ronchi but finds their altercations draining, even though they don't last long.

He said: "My wife and I have very intense fights but they're over in 10 minutes.

"We don't hold onto stuff. Life's too short for that. The more conscious you are of that, the easier it is to reach across the aisle and say, 'I'm sorry we got here. What are you seeing? How can we fix this?"

Matthew, 42, has two children - Kyle, 11, and Byron, eight - with Margherita and he admits he looks to his own upbringing for guidance on how to raise his boys.

He added to the April issue of Men's Health magazine: "My father was hard on me in a positive way. There's a fine line between demanding and overbearing.

"If he was demanding of me, he demanded that much more of me from himself."

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