Sarah Jessica Parker's cream query

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  • 9 March 2009
Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker queries cream

Sarah Jessica Parker says anti-ageing moisturisers sometimes don't have any effect because those who buy them usually already have wrinkles

Sarah Jessica Parker says wrinkle creams should be called "retard ageing" moisturisers.

The 43-year-old star is addicted to buying face lotions which claim to prevent lines from appearing, but accepts she may be fighting a losing battle.

She said: "I use any skincare that says it is for fine lines and wrinkles. They are actually so fine, you can't see them. Just kidding!

"It is kind of funny because the only reason you buy it is because you are ageing, so the anti bit, I feel there should be a different name. More like 'retard ageing' or 'stop it'. Something should be called 'stop it'!"

The 'Sex and the City' actress, who is widely recognised as a fashion icon, also revealed she takes great pleasure from not styling her curly locks when she isn't working.

She added to InStyle magazine: "My hair mostly doesn't look good, but I don't care. It is very liberating when you are not working and you don't have to look presentable and pay attention to that.

"I just wash it, condition it and do as little as possible to torture it."

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