Alexa Chung's cold sore shame

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 8 March 2009
Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung's cold sore shame

Alexa Chung was so embarrassed by her cold sore she told rapper Kanye West she had a disease when he tried to hug her

Alexa Chung told Kanye West she was "diseased".

The presenter was left mortified by her encounter with the rap star at London Fashion Week because of the unpleasant cold sore on her mouth.

She said: "Kanye called to me so I went over and took a photo. I liked that he was in London. I liked that he had shaved the sides of his hair but not the top.

"In response, he swooped in for a fumbled embrace to which I found myself barking the words, 'No Kanye! I'm diseased!' Oh God."

Alexa also spoke about her disappointment at not getting the chance to publicly accept her Best Dressed prize at the recent Shockwaves NME Awards.

She added: "This year I won Best Dressed but because it's not a particularly relevant award they don't honour it on the night.

"That's a shame - I really wanted to make an acceptance speech about how much of an effort it is to look like you really don't care."

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