Ladyhawke feels a fraud

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 8 March 2009

Ladyhawke feels a fraud

New Zealand Ladyhawke says she prefers to wear men's clothes and doesn't feel comfortable in garments designed for her gender

Ladyhawke feels like a "fraud" in women's clothes.

The New Zealand singer only every wear garments meant for men, including jeans slung so low on her waist they often reveal the boy's underpants she favours.

She said: "I don't wear women's clothes because I'd feel like a fraud. It's not just that the cut is all wrong on me, I feel much more of an individual in menswear."

Among the items Ladyhawke loves to wear are hoodies, tight jeans and big boots.

She explained to Britain's Elle magazine: "I don't lose any aspect of my femininity by wearing boys' clothes. In fact, I think it subtly enhances it because the look is so understated."

The singer admits she draws on the music and bands she loves - including Led Zeppelin, Blondie and Fleetwood Mac - when she is choosing what to wear, and isn't interested in picking obscure or attention-grabbing outfits.

She explained: "I would never use clothes to stand out. In fact, I think the clothes I wear make me disappear a little bit."

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