Stirling Graveyard

Most cities have an underground scene, but sometimes it’s so buried that it’s hard for a traveller to delve into. Fear not, as Alasdair Campbell, Art Director of the Tolbooth music venue in Stirling. takes you to the hotspots you cannot afford to miss

Le Weekend festival

‘This is probably one of the most important events in Stirling’s arts calendar for me - and I’m not just saying that because I work on it! Le Weekend is a music festival that aims to challenge musical boundaries and was effectively the reason I moved to the city. I was visiting from London and thought it was pretty amazing; to come to this small city and find it had such a cutting-edge music festival. So, when a job came up working within the festival programme I went for it and got it. Now I’ve moved on to be Artistic Director at the Tolbooth and I am trying to take Le Weekend in new direction and basically making it as mixed-up as much as I can.’
Le Weekend, 29-31 May, Tolbooth and various venues across Stirling,

Stirling Observatory

‘Yeah, so maybe I’m a bit of an inner geek - but I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m a member of the Astronomical Society. Quite the opposite actually, as I think it’s amazing. The Observatory is one of Stirling’s brilliant little oddities and the Astronomical Society meet there once a month. Perched on top of The Stirling Highland Hotel is this ancient old Observatory and 120 year-old telescope - and it’s all mechanical, there’s nothing digital. I always look forward to my dose of the heavens; stars, galaxies and - of course - the moon. The moon is quite something.’
Stirling Astronomical Society (C4),

MacRobert Centre

‘This is a youth focused dance, art and theatre centre situated within the grounds of Stirling Uni. They also have a mini arthouse cinema called the McLaren filmhouse within the venue. The last thing I saw there was series of Japanese anime from director Hayao Miyazaki (the guy who made Spirited Away). They don’t show loads of films, but they show interesting films and that’s why I like it. I manage to go quite a lot, but not as much as I should.’
MacRobert Centre, Stirling University, Stirling, 01786 466 666,

The Graveyard

I was going to pick the castle as one of my favourite spots - but then I thought, you know what, I actually prefer the graveyard. It sits below the castle grounds and it’s a beautiful space. It dates back to the 12th Century and there are some obscure characters buried there - like Butch Cassidy's cousin. When we had The Handsome Family band playing at Tolbooth a couple of years ago, I remember them randomly saying to me; ‘you have one of the best graveyards in all of the United Kingdom’. I consider that a high compliment!

Alasdair runs the Tolbooth, Jail Wynd, Stirling (B4), 01786 274 000,

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