• The Midgie
  • 1 March 2009
The View

If anyone knows the pub scene in Dundee, it’s probably the scamps from hip young Dundonian band The View. So, The Midgie asks them to take us on a virtual pub crawl of their fair city. Approach with caution

Campbell Town Pub

‘I’d recommend that people start in The Campbell Town pub’, says guitarist Pete Reilley. ‘Aye, start in the Campbell Town’, they all chip in. It seems to be a popular choice. And if it’s popular with The View, then it’s popular with The Midgie. They are the drinking Gods after all. Who else could offer up such profound advice as this: ‘Yeah, go in Campbell Town and then go for a pint in every pub down the Perth Road ‘til you get to the centre of town. Then you’ll be drunk enough to go in’tae Fatty’s. It’s best to be proper legless before you go in there.’
271 Hawkhill, Dundee, 01382 668 251.

The Dog House

‘You should finish up in The Dog House’, recommends Reilley. ‘Aye, The Dog - there’s always live music on and even if they’re not big, there’s normally somebody decent playing’. As well as live music The Dog House also holds open mic nights and it is where The View played many of their early gigs; ‘we’ve played there loads of times’, says bassist Kieren Webster, ‘there’s always a guid crowd in there’.
13 Brown Street, Dundee (A4), www.myspace.com/dundeedoghouse

Clark’s Bakers

Now hold on, you might be thinking that a baker’s isn’t exactly a ‘cool’ choice for a supposedly hip band - but it would seem that nothing excites them all more than a pair of floury buns. ‘Oooh, Clark’s’ coo’s Webster. And this, it turns out, is also his idea of an ideal place to treat a date; ‘If I wanted to impress a girl, I’d take her Clark’s and if it’s a sunny day then we could eat it at the Riverside, on the benches’. Ah, romance is not dead after all.
5 Annfield Road, Dundee 01382 641 048.

Law Hill

And while we think we’ve finally managed to tap into The View’s romantic side, we ask them for their most scenic and beautiful Dundee hotspot. ‘Go up tae Law Hill and then work your way from Law Hill through Dudhope Park tae Riverside’ suggests lead singer Kyle Falconer. Thoughtfully adding, ‘If your backpack’s on it might no’ be easy work though’. And his real tip for romance is; ‘just dinnae tak’ Pete’s advice on what he telt you to do on Perth Road’ he chuckles.


So, you’re out on the lash and you just want a bite to eat - are there any good takeaways? ‘Agacan’ they all holler like a bunch of excited chimps. Followed by a chorus of ‘Oh aye, oh aye' and chants of ‘Agacan!’. With only five tables, it is pretty small - but then The View think it’s better to eat al fresco anyway, ideally whilst on your way back up to Perth Road for another drink or five. There’s a theme to these boys likes and dislikes. And that theme is drink.
113 Perth Road, Dundee 01382 644 227.

The View’s new album, Which Bitch, is out now. For more information and full gig listings visit www.theviewareonfire.com

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