Charlize Theron ready for comedy

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 5 March 2009
Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron's comedy role

Charlize Theron is desperate to star in a comedy because she attracts roles where the character is in a "doom and gloom scenario"

Charlize Theron is sick of being linked with "doom and gloom".

The South African-born actress - who played a serial killer in 'Monster' and a mine worker who was sexually harassed in 'North Country' - accepts her most famous movies have involved depressing storylines.

Charlize - who portrays a woman with a troubled childhood in new movie 'The Burning Plain' - said: "I am starting to figure that if there is a woman in a doom and gloom scenario, my name comes up."

The 33-year-old Oscar winner is now hoping to break away from making serious movies and experiment with lighter projects.

Charlize said on British TV show 'Richard and Judy': "The next one has to be a comedy. I've always let it be known that I would love to do a musical."

The blonde beauty recently revealed she would love to team up with Will Smith for a sequel to superhero movie 'Hancock'.

She said: "If everybody was on board, yeah, I'd do it. I would be an idiot not to do it. Riding the Will Smith train is a really nice train to ride."

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