Single life for Paris Hilton

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  • 5 March 2009
Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton 's mum advice

Kathy Hilton says her daughter Paris should stay single for a while rather than constantly chase boys

Paris Hilton has been told to stay single by her mother.

The blonde beauty has been given some words of wisdom by Kathy Hilton, who believes her daughter feels under pressure to constantly have a boyfriend.

She said: "My dating advice for Paris would be just to take your time. It is OK to be alone. You don't have to always be with someone."

The 28-year-old hotel heiress recently took her latest love interest - Doug Reinhardt from the US reality show 'The Hills' - home to meet her parents just weeks after splitting from Good Charlotte rocker Benji Madden.

Despite warning her daughter to slow down, Kathy admits Doug was "very nice".

When asked if her youngest daughter Nicky would be settling down with her long-term boyfriend Dave Katzenberg any time soon, Kathy insisted they are in no rush.

She said: "Oh no, she is only 25! They are happy and a cute couple, they're so grounded. But it's too soon for kids as well - I don't want to be a grandma for a while."

Despite Kathy's advice, things seem to be getting serious between Paris and Doug after he bought her an expensive pet.

A source said: "Doug bought Paris a $10,000 teacup Pomeranian dog when they were in Japan recently. He went to all her appearances and shoots and would just stare at her adoringly. He says she's the hottest girl on the planet."

The tiny dog seems to have won animal lover Paris' heart.

The source added: "She thinks he's really funny and sweet. When she ended her previous relationship with Benji, she promised herself she'd be single for a year. But she thinks Doug's handsome, generous and fun to be with."

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