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  • The Midgie
  • 1 March 2009
Radka Simlova

Name Radka Simlova
Age 37
Hometown Prague
How long in Scotland I have visited many times, this time I have been here for 6 weeks
Interests Yoga, Knitting, Taxidermy and Social Experiments

‘I was getting really sick of carrying my backpack and whinging that I needed a donkey to carry it, so friends bought me a donkey for Christmas. Unfortunately it doesn’t quite carry my pack for me.’

Hiking Boots
‘Scotland is fantastic for hiking and there are some marvellous places to visit. I recommend you go alone and oxygenate your brain so you get inspirational thoughts. Everyone should go walking in Scotland.’

‘I have a challenge to get back to nature and swim in the nude in every country I visit. Not all people are cool with this so I carry my bikini just in case.’

Book – The Time Traveller’s Wife
‘I’ve seen loads of people reading it who are laughing, crying and generally being touched by it emotionally. Every time I read it though it puts me to sleep!’

Rainbow Faerie Catcher
‘This is my spiritual tool kit! When I go hiking and swimming I like to sit in nature and, if it’s a nice day, get sun rays shining through the crystal in the middle. It creates rainbows.’

‘Water is clean and refreshing and everyone needs it. It’s very important to drink water as your body is like a machine. You need to grease and clean machines and water washes you from the inside.’

Day trip to Rosslyn Chapel

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