• The Midgie
  • 1 March 2009

Excess baggage

As if your backpack wasn’t already filled to the brim with goodies, The Midgie handpicks this season’s essential gizmos and gadgets


Ever gone power-walking on an icy path? One tends to start off bright-eyed and glowing, but any grace is quickly diminished by the inevitable - and highly mortifying - plummet to earth. But never fear, as the ‘Foot Claw’ is here to help you wave goodbye to bruised bottoms. Attach these silicone grippers to your footgear and seize back your wintry poise. And if you happen to forget to remove them indoors, our advice is: blame the cat.

Foot Claw, £9.99,


Travelling the remote Scottish highlands can be a joyous and breathtaking experience, with the wind rippling through your hair and vast barren landscapes as far as the eye can see. For those who like to wet their whistle as they go, the portable beer brewing kit is for you. This nifty little system is the perfect travelling companion and comes with ten pints worth of ‘miracle beer powder’.

Beer kit, £24.99,


If you’re visiting Scotland then the chances are you won’t be able to resist stocking up on some ‘special’ souvenirs for the relatives back home. Admit it, you’ve stuffed you’re backpack with tartan scarves, cuddly highland cows and a shed-load of malt whisky. To avoid any trouble with those irritating excess baggage officials, we suggest you invest in these dinky electronic scales and show them who’s boss. Viva la revolution and all that.

Electronic luggage scales, £14.99,


Admittedly this device looks a little weird. It’s the kind of thing that topples out of the ‘junk cupboard’ and makes you seriously question what planet it came from. But honestly, this purchase has purpose; after all who isn’t ticked off when their boots or gloves are still soggy in the morning? Fill the dryer with baking soda and it’ll absorb any niffs and pongs too. We give it the thumbs and toes up.

Boot and glove dryer, £14.95,

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