Walking in Scotland - Be prepared!

  • The Midgie
  • 1 March 2009

With the risk of sounding like your mum, the key to having an awesome walk is planning! So to make sure you do things right and emerge in one piece, we at The Midgie have done the thinking for you and have prepared a nifty guide to preparing for your walk

Your Rucksack

If you’re planning to camp make sure your rucksack’s big enough (recommended 65-75 litres) to accommodate your tent, sleeping bag, cooking utensils and food, as well as changes of clothing. Choose a rucksack with good support straps that ensure it can be fitted to you comfortably. A waterproof rucksack cover comes in handy too.

If in doubt then there are several companies that provide a baggage carrying service for walkers on certain walking routes, transporting your equipment to your next destination as you walk.


● Carry only the minimum of toiletries. In the summer you will need a high-factor sun cream and a good insect repellent – much as we love The Midgie, its namesake needs some control!

● Always carry a small first aid kit, preferably in a waterproof container. Should an accident happen, a fully charged mobile phone is always a useful thing to carry.

● If you plan to use water from streams etc., you should also pack some form of purification.

● A map is a must, many guidebooks contain these but an Ordnance Survey is always preferable. You should be able to get them from any good Scottish equipment provider or bookshop.

● You may well need a compass if heading off the beaten track, but before setting out make sure you know how to use it!

● Always carry a whistle to summon assistance in case of accidents; a water bottle containing at least one litre; a torch with spare bulb and batteries; emergency food (high energy snacks such as chocolate, dried fruit etc.); a pen-knife or multi-tool; a watch with an alarm and several plastic bags for rubbish disposal.

● If not carrying a tent or sleeping bag then it’s recommended to at least carry an emergency bivi-bag or survival blanket.

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