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  • The Midgie
  • 1 March 2009
Alan Kimber

Alan Kimber

They’ve done their time in the mountains, so we ask them to share with the group

Name Alan Kimber

Experience/level Over 30 years of experience. Alan is an International Mountain Guide and a member of the British Mountain Guides Association.

Favourite walk/route Glen Coe, Ben Nevis and the Isle of Skye are where I spend a lot of my time. These places provide a whole pile of great low and high level walks to suit most abilities. Ben Nevis overlooks both the Great Glen and West Highland Ways and Skye is a magical place offering low level coastal walks as well as the more difficult Skye Ridge, which is more of a climb than a walk.

Hot Tip Understand your own ability. Walking is great because it’s accessible to almost anyone, but problems occur when people don’t take the time to match their ability to the walk. There’s a quote “there is no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothes”. So get kitted out properly.

Name Simon

Experience/level Occasional/amateur – weekend hiker.

Favourite walk/route West Highland Way between the Bridge of Orchy and Inveroran. This is very short and the initial uphill struggle through a pine wood has little to recommend it but the view at the summit of the hill between the A82 and Loch Tulla is exceptional.

Hot Tip Aside from good footwear and keeping the weight in your pack down to a minimum, the best advice is to leave enough time to look at your surroundings. This is especially true on staged walks like the West Highland Way, which can turn into a forced march to make the next stage before nightfall. If pushed for time just do part of it – you don't get a badge for completing it and, unless you're willing to run the 95 miles in under 16 hours, you won't set any records.

Name Stephen Gough (AKA Naked Rambler)

Who is he?! Harmless, friendly, nature loving naked rambler has walked the length of Britain twice now, from Land’s End to John O’Groats, completely in the buff. We have to stress that if you don’t want to end up extradited/in jail, then we don’t advise naked rambling in Scotland. Stephen has been repeatedly convicted of breach of the peace for his insistence on choosing to be in public without customary clothing. After his last hearing Stephen took off all his clothes outside the court and was promptly rearrested. He remains adamant that no one needs be afraid of or alarmed by the sight of non-aggressive and non-sexual human nudity, and that there are actually no laws in Scotland or England that specify public dress. We secretly think he’s a bit of a legend.

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