Fence Collective - Favourite East Neuk places

  • The Midgie
  • 1 March 2009
Ship Tavern

Ship Tavern, Anstruther

The tourist-friendly East Neuk (‘neuk’ is a local word for ‘corner’) takes in the scenic fishing villages around the rural south-east part of the Kingdom of Fife, and isn’t much more than a stone’s throw from the ever-popular St Andrews. To the Fence Collective, though, it’s simply home, as the label’s boss Johnny Lynch explains

The Haven

‘It’s a really nice, cosy pub. It’s got a bit of character, because it’s right on the harbour. When there was a bird flu scare in the area a few years ago, we all rushed to the Haven for a pint to watch the helicopters overhead and George Alagiah reporting for the BBC outside. It’s good for all the local gossip.’
1 Shore Street, Cellardyke, 01333 310 574.

Scottish Fisheries Museum

‘The logo says it’s ‘bigger than you think’, and it is bigger than you think! The café’s really cheap and very good, and one of our Fence members, HMS Ginafore, works there too. It’s a good day out, actually and there’s a lot on the history of the harbours here. Cellardyke and Anstruther used to be thriving fishing communities.’
St Ayles, Harbourhead, Anstruther, 01333 310 628, www.scotfishmuseum.org

Anstruther Improvements Association Hall

‘It’s a tiny hall, which we’ve put Fence events on in before. The committee hold talks around once a month on topics like politics or local history, and there’s free wine and biscuits. It sounds boring on paper, but it’s one of these things where you go to see the regular crowd and end up in the pub after!’
Wester Town Hall, High Street West, Anstruther, 01333 310 653, www.anstrutherimprovementsassociation.org

New Picture House Cinema

‘There used to be a few good record shops and the like in St Andrews, but they all closed when Prince William came to study and rents were hiked up. But the New Picture House is a proper old-fashioned cinema, it must have been a theatre at one point. It doesn’t matter what the film is, everyone there will applaud at the end - that’s always a bit rousing.’
117 North Street, St Andrews, 01334 474 902, www.nphcinema.co.uk

Ship Tavern

‘This is another nice little pub. The jukebox doesn’t always play the song you want, though, which can be a nice surprise or just a bit annoying!’
49 Shore Street, Anstruther, 01333 310 347.

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