Auntie Midgie

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  • 1 March 2009
Auntie Midgie

She’s here to answer all your niggling travelling queries and questions. But she’d rather not know about your love life problems…

Q: What’s the best way to explore the Highlands? (Laura, Australia)

A: The Highlands are vast, so it helps if you can narrow it down to a chosen area - so do a little research first. Your options are to go it alone, Bear Grylls style; camping outdoors and surviving on grey squirrel. Or you can book yourself on one of many special bus tours, which take in different Highland hotspots. But, if Auntie Midgie was to get all philosophical on you, then she would have to say that the best way to explore the highlands is aboard the friend ship. That’s right; as long as you’re with a group of friendly faces, then you’ll be guaranteed a good time.

Q: How do I deal with the reality of going home? (Karen, Germany)

A: Well, after spending a prolonged period in another country, it’s going to be a bit strange to eventually return home and may take some readjustment. If you’ve spent a large amount of time in bonnie Scotland, then it’s going to be downright devastating to leave. Auntie Midgie suggests keeping a diary of your travels, taking lots of photographs and collecting little mementos along the way. So when you’re back home and the tears start a-rolling, just clutch that tartan scarf close and cry it out. And remember, Scotland will always be here to welcome you upon your return.

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