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  • The Midgie
  • 1 March 2009
Sand sculpture

From the sublime to the downright ridiculous, we offer a whistlestop tour of some of the most barking events on the global calendar throughout the spring months

Wildfoods is not really the place for picky eaters or those with delicate dispositions, as it is essentially a festival designed to test the limits of your palate (and perhaps your gag reflex). With magpie burgers, fried lamb’s tail, worm truffles and wasp larvae ice-cream all on the menu. Hungry yet?
Sat 14 Mar, Hokitika, New Zealand, www.wildfoods.co.nz

This competition is taken very seriously by the participants and a huge amount of care and hair wax clearly goes into sculpting some of these facial hair beauties. Incidentally, nowhere does it say that women cannot enter the competition. Now that’s equality for you.
Sat 23 May, Anchorage, Alaska, www.worldbeardchampionships.com 

This is a high adrenalin event which apparently provokes the frequently asked question on their website of: ‘will we have opportunities to eat?’. So if you don’t think your body can run on the sheer excitement of chasing that brooding storm, then best pack a Mars bar or five - it could be a long ride.
Storm Chasing season, end of May, USA.
Try a tour with Storm Chasing Adventure Tours, www.stormchasing.com

This parade rejoices in the ridiculous and hordes of people dress up in daft costumes and act stupid for the day. It takes place on April Fool’s Day and is much more fun if you get into the spirit of things and join in. Surely dressing up in silly clothes and acting like a child shouldn’t be too much of a stretch?
Wed 1 Apr, San Francisco, California

You have three tools: sand, water and your own fair hands and with these competitors are expected to construct intricate sand sculptures. Swat up on you different sand grains and say your nightly prayers for no rain, because there are no prizes for soggy piles of mush.
Apr-Jun, Hague, Scheveningen Beach, The Netherlands, www.sandsculpturefestival.com

Swamp buggy’s are mad, bad and dangerous to know; huge hulking machines that hurtle round a very wet track, racing for big money prizes. There is also a ‘Swamp Buggy Queen’, whose perma-tan and bejewelled tiara will likely add a bit of class to the proceedings.
Sun 8 Mar, Naples, Florida, www.swampbuggy.com

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