Uri Geller

  • The Midgie
  • 1 March 2009
Uri Geller

Fantasy Island

The news that Uri Geller has purchased a small uninhabitable Scottish island has left many people with one question: why? The Midgie investigates

Lamb Island is a tiny outcrop in the Firth of Forth. To any passing ferry, it is basically a little lump of land consisting of some craggy rocks and patchy grass - maybe a seagull if you’re lucky. It’s nothing special, but then it never deigned to be - quite happy to sit in all its boring glory; uninhabited and uninhabitable (funny how those two things so often go hand in hand).

All in all it managed to go fairly un-noticed; such was its quest for a quiet life. That is until Uri Geller, famous paranormalist and spoon-bender extraordinaire, came along and bought it for £30,000; instantly lavishing this shy and retiring little island with more celeb status and media attention than it knew what to do with.

But why has Geller decided to purchase an uninhabitable island anyway? Well, as you shall learn, looks can be deceiving and what at first glance seems like a boring lump of land may well turn out to have mysterious powers. Lamb Island is a volcanic outcrop and is one of three rocky islands (alongside Fidra and Craigleith) that are said to mirror the layout of the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt.

Geller believes it to be one of the keystones to British mythology and, as a famed deep-thinker, he believes in the power of mysterious linking forces. He has discovered that there are many clear synchronicities that come together on Lamb Island. As well as its mirroring of the pyramids, Lamb and its neighbouring islands also form an alignment similar to the stars of Orion’s belt. But what about the seals and nesting seabirds that rest on the island? Well, it’s just ‘home’ to them, innit.

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