Jennifer Lopez keeps jewels

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  • 4 March 2009
Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez keeps expensive jewels

Jennifer Lopez hasn't returned $50,000 worth of diamonds she borrowed last week, insisting she was allowed to keep the jewels in returning for hosting a fashion launch

Jennifer Lopez has kept $50,000 worth of diamonds she borrowed last week.

The singer-and-actress wore the Robert Mouawad jewellery to the launch of Andrea Lieberman's fashion line ALC, in Beverly Hills, and while other guests have given back the precious jewels, Jennifer has kept hers.

A source told the New York Post newspaper: "We received a call from her manager informing us that Jennifer was going to keep the jewellery. As far as Mr. Mouawad is concerned, Jennifer can have whatever she wants, but a premature demand seemed presumptuous. He will lose no sleep over $50,000, and frankly, Jennifer's endorsement is priceless."

Jennifer's manager Benny Medina insists the 39-year-old star was given the jewellery along with clothes from the ALC fashion line in return for hosting the event.

Medina said: "There was no demand whatsoever. There was an offer. It was very clear. It was agreed she would be given the entire collection of jewellery and clothes.

"She was the only celebrity whose name was on the invite. She would have done it for nothing. But this was how it was presented. It was quite a generous offer."

Jennifer is not the only star to have encountered problems while wearing expensive borrowed jewels.

In 1993, Sharon Stone was sued by Harry Winston Inc. after she failed to return a $400,000 necklace. The 'Basic Instinct' actress claimed she thought the jewellery was a gift.

Paris Hilton had to pay out $100,000 after losing the lavish Kwiat bracelet she wore to the Oscars in 2003. The blonde socialite said the trinket was stolen from a friend's car.

Jennifer Lopez

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