Exposure: Share

Exposure: Share

Yet more Canadian indie types with intelligence and imagination? Share have their home in Halifax, Novia Scotia though, rather than the saturated Montreal of The Dears, Arcade Fire and A Silver Mt. Zion. Unlike their Quebecois cousins though, Share disregard the bellowing triumph of violin, viola and whatever else makes those bands so magnificent, instead opting for a sound more akin to their freezing coastal home, stripped down, with rough guitar and pacey tempos. And not a French lyric in sight. Lead man, Andrew Sisk shares all.

What's the story behind the band's formation?
Sisk started performing solo as Share after he had recorded the first album, Ukulele Tragic, with his friend A.A. Wallace (The Sleepless Nights). Soon, Andrew's old friends Nick Cobham (Guitar) and Kyle Cunjak (Bass) became a permanent part of the live performances and joined as band members for the third album, Pedestrian. After touring in Canada they stepped up the live performances by adding drummer Zach Atkinson and multi-instrumentalist Dennis Goodwin. "It was the best way for us to evolve, because our audience was always surprised to see how we had changed and improved with every performance. We matured and came into our own in front of our fans, and I think we all appreciated that."

Nearly every great band this decade has come from Canada. What makes the country so good at intelligent indie-rock?
"Places and time have always been that way, there is something about art influencing art. I think all Canadian bands owe a lot to the bands that came before us. They raised the expectations and inspired us. Most members of Canadian bands that I know listen to Canadian music and grew up doing so. We have a history that challenges us to try and be the best we can be while being true to our music. There are a lot of strong music communities in the cities of Canada and that leads to a habit of collaboration which I believe leads to great music."

It's a very community minded name. Is embracing all that's around a large part of the band?
"I think the songwriting comes from a place that is always about seeing the big picture introspectively. The band is a community of friends and the music is very much a collaboration. The independent label that we work with is a community of friends that all share band members. We are all members of different bands and the side projects always inform what we do as a band."

What feeling would you like people to get when they hear Share?
"Whatever they want, i guess. Maybe if people felt exuberant, that would be good."

What can we expect from Share in 2009?
"You can expect the new album to be released in August. You can expect us to play in a city near you in the fall."

What's the nicest thing anyone's ever said about you?
"You guys are good..... Different, but good."

In five words, why should people listen to Share?
"Music fans making music well."


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