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  • 5 March 2009
Lola Jaye

Counsellor and novelist

This is a subject close to my heart. For a fantasy breakfast, a fry up. Organic mushrooms, scrambled eggs, bacon – with no fat on – and maybe a sausage. Nice, lovely cherry tomatoes, yum. Oh, and a glass of Coke.

My ideal lunch? I got back from Barcelona yesterday and I had lovely tapas. Cuttlefish with a light batter; those wonderful little pieces of pizza; white asparagus, beautiful; and calamari. All chased down with cold, fresh water.

For dinner, I could fly to Nigeria and get my mum to cook. I’d have Nigerian pepper soup which comes in a little cup and is really fiery with meat in it. For main courses, I like African-American soul food. I love macaroni cheese, but it has to be Southern style, with peppers and cayenne. Some coleslaw and barbequed chicken, and maybe just one little corn bread on the side, because corn bread is a bit heavy. (Like that matters now!) For dessert, a warm chocolate brownie made from Valrona chocolate, and real, dairy ice-cream drizzled with Tesco toffee sauce. Oh, divine! And I’d drink American root beer.

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